The Artist: Jill Epstein

April 17, 2013

Once upon a time I met a real, live, bighearted New Yorker named Jill. Shge grew-up in Manhattan which I found incredibly romantic and fascinating having been raised in the rural Ozarks. We were both freelance Art Producers and had soon-to-be husbands living across the pond in London. I knew Jill was a keeper the day she helped me smuggle my pug, Olive, into our NO PETS ALLOWED office building. Fast forward to several years later when live in LA with our husbands, dogs and two little stinker boys who are the same ages…



Jill is not only a great mom who doesn’t seem to lose her cool while in the throws of the most intense toddler meltdowns.  She is the best of the best multitaskers who creates great art, takes great pictures of kids, produces commercial work, whips-up good eats, juggles kids/dog/house and has really good hair while doing it ALL.

Who inspires me?  Jill does!

what kind of art do you create?
fake documentaries, videosphotos, installation work…

where are you from?
now: LA  past:  NYC, Paris, Glasgow, Washington DC, St. Louis, Nantucket

what music is playing while you’re creating your art?
Jackie Mitto, The Zombies, anything garage or punk circa 1976

if you could have any artist over for tea who would be your top three?
paul mccarthy, john Cage, francis alÿs

where do you shop for art?
flea markets, friend’s studios

what is your favorite piece of art in your home and where did you find it?
a large format photo of a decrepit amusement park in East Berlin. I traded it with a German photographer.

what piece of art, belonging to your significant other, do you dislike the most?
my husband has great taste in art, but we differ on some furniture pieces, so I’d have to go with his Mission chair. It’s not art, but I hate it just the same. It reminds me of Frankenstein. Luckily, it’s sitting in our attic back east. Sorry honey…

what are your favorite art books or websites?
hmmmm….I LOVE art books. I would have had a much better answer before I had two kids. I used to have more time to troll the web for art sites. These days I mostly go to museums and random curiosity/antique bookshops. Anything I can hit on a walk with the kiddos. I like books from random sources. I recently found a copy of “Alice in Wonderland” from around 1918. It had a tartan cover and had clips from newspapers announcing the first publication of Alice. It was beautiful! To me, that’s art. I gave it to a good friend as a going away gift.

if you could own one piece of artwork, no matter the value, what would it be?
off the top of my head at midnight….I’d say Yinka Shonibare. I love his work and we were married under his astronaut sculpture.

what do you collect?
old cameras, tea and fabrics from foreign lands. I have a little collection of fabrics from south africa that’s pretty rad. Now, I need to learn to sew better.

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